Custom Remodeling, Renovations and Build-Outs

Elevate Your Home To A New Level

Are you considering a professional remodel, renovation or build-out? We will work with your architect and designer – or you can work with ours. We will rethink your entire home. Merlin Custom Home Builders is renowned for delivering the absolute highest level of craftsmanship, is a leader in green building practices and expert in energy-efficient construction methods.

Breathe New Life Into Existing Spaces

Our team provides an extraordinary level of personal service – the kind that is expected and appreciated by our unique clientele. When someone engages Merlin Custom Home Builders, they are treated professionally and respectfully every step of the way. We do everything in our power to ensure the project unfolds smoothly and that the experience is as positive, exciting and stress free as possible.

We’ve remodeled, renovated, or completed build-outs in

  • Park Towers
  • Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas
  • Veer Towers
  • Turnberry Towers
  • One Queensridge Place
  • Panorama Towers
  • Newport Lofts
  • The District

Merlin Custom Home Builders has built and remodeled over 350 custom homes since our establishment in 1989.

Private Residence At Park Towers Condominiums Bar

Services & Expertise

Remodel Building Contractor

Merlin Custom Home Builders has worked with some of the best architectural and interior design firms in Las Vegas. We have also built in over 15 elite neighborhoods, high-rise towers and condominiums. We are confident we can work with you and your team to remodel your dream home.

  • Existing Homes
  • Penthouses
  • Tower Apartments
  • Condominiums
Custom Home at Eagle Hills Entrance

Full Service Remodel Design & Build

Merlin Custom Home Builders is also a Full Service Design and Build Firm that can help you with every step towards building your Dream home in Las Vegas.

  • Existing Homes
  • Penthouses
  • Tower Apartments
  • Condominiums
  • Architecture
  • Construction
  • Interior Design

Building Expertise

Merlin Custom Home Builders understands the effort needed to build a breathtaking living environment with a timeless design that maximizes views and the full potential of each property. We have systems and procedures in place, including personal visits, calls, emails and reports, which ensure a project stays well organized and on track. Clients receive detailed, customized accounting reports each week that address every budget line item, additional work authorization (change orders), weekly billings and projected costs. Merlin Custom Home Builders also provides clients with timelines, drop-dead dates for decisions and cash flow projections. For logistical convenience, our superintendents have field computers, smart phones and tablets to manage digital communications and keep everyone in sync.

Custom Remodel at Mandarin Oriental Penthouse
Custom Remodel at Park Towers

Green Building Expertise

Thinking green and promoting energy conservation has been a constant at Merlin Custom Home Builders since 1989. While developing each budget for Merlin Custom Home Builders’s homes, we have the expertise to advise clients of the options, opportunities, costs and benefits of green building.

Skills Benefit to Homeowner
Construction Knowledge Produce an acceptable standard of building quality
Custom Service Allows for effective communication between homeowner and builder and enhances overall building process
Estimated & Budget
 Control Prevents unexpected cost overruns and gives customer insight into the final cost of construction
Purchasing Power Reduces costs of building material and labor
Design Support Enhances design process by improving constructability and potentially reduces final cost of construction
Proven Systems Produces consistent quality and quickly addresses any issues that arise during construction
Risk Management Manages contracts, insurance, mechanic liens, and safety to protect the owner from high risk exposure
Full-Service Team Adds expertise of specialized teams that increases overall quality
 Scheduling Ensures timely completion of construction project