“Every detail matters, no matter how seemingly insignificant. Perfection is expected and nothing less will suffice.”



Steve Jones is at the pinnacle of his career. Merlin was recently named the 2017 National Custom Home Builder of the Year by the NAHB and has no intentions of slowing down. Steve understands the strength of the next generation and teaches the art of custom home building to his team in a way that will ensure a 3rd generation of builders. Steve envisions that Merlin will be building Custom Homes for his clients’ families for generations to come.

Steve started by building houses with friend, journeyman builder, and mentor, Audie Coker. Audie was a true perfectionist and imparted that same wisdom to Steve, who willingly embraced the philosophy. Steve spent years learning the art of custom home building from Audie. Every detail mattered, no matter how seemingly insignificant. Perfection was expected and nothing less would suffice.

When Audie retired in 1989, Steve secured his General Contractor License and created Merlin Custom Home Builders. Merlin began building unique custom homes throughout the Las Vegas Valley. Subcontractors were carefully chosen for their work quality and professional reputation. Steve created lasting relationships with the best subcontractors in Las Vegas, many of whom still work for Merlin today.

Steve Jones built Merlin on a commitment to maintaining the highest quality building standards and treating people with integrity, respect, and compassion. This is exemplified in the fact that numerous multi-million dollar homes were realized with a handshake rather than a contract.

The Jones family settled in Las Vegas in the early 1930s. Steve Jones, born in 1949, had the unique opportunity to grow up with the city. After attending college at the University of Nevada, Reno, Steve finished his studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He married Anne Rose Keegel, a third-generation Nevadan, in 1976 and they have two sons.

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“Discovering innovative systems and procedures to allow our team to build one-of-a-kind jewel boxes while managing expectations.”



Erica Morrison joined Merlin Custom Home Builders in 2004. Starting as the receptionist, she learned the company from the ground up, gathering information about the inner workings and history of Merlin from Jordan Jones, Steve’s [Founder and CEO] son. Young and eager, she learned all she could and quickly realized that the company’s core values—be honest, do it right, and ride for the brand—aligned with her own personal values. Those values, coupled with the family atmosphere at Merlin, motivated Erica to learn all aspects of the custom home construction business and climb the corporate ladder. 

After a few years on the job, she mastered the ins and outs of how Merlin operates and advanced her knowledge of the construction industry. She then began to work on developing her leadership skills and was rewarded with a promotion to Project Manager. In that role, she managed 10 ground-ups and more than 10 remodels, organizing the project budget, contracting subcontractors, maintaining cost control and overseeing project scheduling.  

Erica’s drive and ability did not go unnoticed.  Steve Jones and his brother, Bart [then CFO] recognized her drive and leadership skills—and the way she upheld the values of the company and took them to heart—and, unbeknownst to her, were considering her as a possible business partner.

The partnership was realized in July of 2019 when Erica became a full partner in the company and took on the responsibilities of Chief Operating Officer.

As Chief Operating Officer, Erica manages the daily administrative and operational activities of the company to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of operations and compliance with legal and other standards. She is also responsible for carrying out Merlin’s commitment to providing a positive building experience for our homeowners by communicating with clients throughout the luxury home building process; informing them of progress, answering questions, and relaying their requests to the team.

Erica is honored to be a part of an amazing team and to be entrusted to continue the legacy that Steve Jones began in 1989. Steve and Bart’s mentoring and trust in her is what allows her to keep pushing boundaries and instilling these values into others.

Erica moved to Las Vegas in 2002 from her hometown of Kingman, Arizona, to go to school. The move to the “City of Lights” allowed her to be close to her brother, sister-in-law and two cousins who lived in the area. It also evoked memories from her childhood when her family traveled to Las Vegas several times a year to shop and take in the city. Between those trips, her subsequent 20-year residence in Las Vegas, and hearing Bart and Steve Jones’ stories of how Vegas grew up, Erica feels right at home here.

Erica and her husband, Chad, are the proud parents of a son, Gavin.

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