At Merlin Custom Home Builders, we take pride in everything we do and we work with custom homeowners to bring their dreams and visions to life. Two main factors that enable us to meet the expectations of our custom homeowner clients are listening to them and paying attention to details – and sometimes we have to go the “extra mile” to get the details just right. To demonstrate our commitment to doing whatever it takes to get the details right, we thought it would be fun to show you the steps we recently took to help one of our clients properly display his cherished art.

This client, whose home is located in The Summit luxury golf resort community, is an art lover and expressed his desire to ensure that the artwork in his home was illuminated properly. In order to guarantee that we were providing the most favorable lighting for his prized possessions, we did some testing at our warehouse.

This video shows our process. We built a mockup wall with two ceilings – one 11 feet high and the other 10 feet high – to mirror the ceiling heights in the client’s home. We then hung a piece of art on the wall and tested the lighting at each height/position to determine the optimal lighting to emphasize the beauty of the art throughout the custom home.