Custom Home at Tournament Hills

This 11,537 sq. ft. home was a builder’s dream to construct. The owners were involved on a daily basis, with interior designer and architects, a true collaboration. The architecture could be described as somewhat in the Frank Lloyd Wright style and was developed by a local architect. The resounding theme and direction given to us by the owners was “do it once and do it right.” We used 25 stone masons and laborers to set 2,000 tons of mortar and Idaho Quartzite stone which made for incredible walls over two feet thick. The windows and doors were all handcrafted and custom made and the millwork inside was installed without a nail showing anywhere. The Valley’s finest craft hands and masons fell in love with this home, as they were allowed and encouraged to create this one-of-a-kind residence. Returning to this house after 12 years of occupancy is always a delight for us, as this house is kept in pristine condition. We forget how beautiful the home is, and each time we see it, the level of detail and craftsmanship makes us smile.

AREA: 11,537 sq. ft.