Steve Jones started Merlin Custom Home Builders in 1989 with a vision: “Build houses that generations will be proud to call home”. Steve learned the craft of homebuilding as apprentice to a well respected local builder. Working side by side with experienced craftsmen, Steve acquired the foundation of his building skills. This knowledge provided the tools to select the finest tradesmen critical to realize his passion for building the best custom homes in Las Vegas. Homes that generations of Las Vegans are proud to call theirs.

Extraordinary expectation #1: What a builder should do.

The commitment to building a custom home runs much deeper than choosing materials and having the know-how to put them together. When you work with Merlin Custom Home Builders, you can expect your builder to:

  • Build the right way.Merlin identifies and endorses only the highest-performing products, we use the best building systems, and we have zero tolerance for shortcuts.
  • Respect your investment.As your custom home builder, we are stewards of your financial commitment and your investment of time and resources. We advocate on your behalf for pricing, quality, and added value to bring you the highest possible return at every step of the process.
  • Remove your fears.We will guide you through the complexities of building a home—from securing financing and permits, to selecting subcontractors, to closing and moving in. We’ll be by your side to answer questions, eliminate surprises and keep you informed.
  • Offer guidance.Building isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are. We are on-site experts in addition to being business people, and we offer recommendations that enhance quality, improve safety, streamline productivity, and save money.
  • Lead with technology.We utilize the latest advances in building custom green homes for energy efficiency, automation, and communications.

Extraordinary expectation #2: What a relationship should do.

Homeowners open their lives to a builder; they commit time, money and emotion to possibly the biggest project of their life time. At Merlin Custom Home Builders, we understand the stakes are high, and will never take your commitment lightly. Working with us, you can expect a relationship that:

  • Thrives on mutual trust and respect. We strive for transparency in our interactions, and pride ourselves on our ability to listen and honor your ideas and requests.
  • Follows a logical, straightforward process.  We’ve developed a step-by-step approach to guide homeowners through projects. Our process minimizes confusion and maximizes communication to help ensure satisfaction at each phase, and comfort with your finished custom home.
  • Delivers on promises.Our business model has always depended on our clear and precise information, ability to do what we say we’ll do, and provide guidance when needed.
  • Produces a team effort.A Merlin home balances the desires of the people who will live in the home with the expertise of the architect, engineers and design professionals who are a part of the vision.
  • Extends to our trades and other partners.The quality of our conduct is also visible in the long-lasting, trusting relationships we maintain with subcontractors, business associates, industry colleagues and repeat clients.
  • Lasts beyond the scope of the project. After delivering a beautiful custom luxury home and finishing the project, our relationships with homeowners matter. We expect and welcome your questions and requests after you move in. It is important to us that you still feel good about our partnership long after you settle in.

Extraordinary expectation #3:  What a home can do.

A great custom home is much more than shelter, more than a place to eat, sleep and store your belongings. Merlin Custom Home Builders listens closely to your visions for a home and learns about your lifestyle. As a result, you can expect your home to:

  • Do and be exactly what you want. It’s our experience that allows us to address, invent and include all the little things that make a home special to you and your family.
  • Add to your quality of life. A Merlin-built custom home is meant to be an extension of your lifestyle. It will reflect your priorities, showcase your interests, protect your family, and grow with you.
  • Last a lifetime. We build with generations in mind. Value engineering for energy efficiency is one of Merlin’s hallmarks. Incorporating best practices and design with materials from ever-emerging technology; all installed with time-tested craftsmanship.