When designing luxury custom homes, the difference is in the details. The details not only contribute to the look and feel of the space, but can impact the functionality and livability of the custom home. At Merlin, we build the best luxury homes from the inside out, paying attention to even the smallest details in order to accommodate the living habits, styles and tastes of the homeowner. There is no template, no one-size-fits-all custom home design. So, we start by developing our plan, going from the small details to the large, in order to create the aesthetic and functionality desired.

To do this successfully, the architect, homeowner and the custom home builder need to work side-by-side at the beginning of a project, scrutinizing the details of each and every corner of the home. This can be stressful and lead to a lot of head scratching, but it is one time when obsessive-compulsive behavior pays off!

The Inside Out Approach to Custom Home Design

This Inside Out custom luxury home design approach can be thought of as “building backwards.” By starting with the smallest inside details first, we can ensure that the custom luxury home has the appropriate amount of space and optimal layout to accommodate the desired furniture, fixtures and activities of the homeowner. We can also avoid those little things that “leap out at you” or seem out of place.

For example, if you choose the flooring tile first, you can then make sure to frame the room so that the size will accommodate the use of full tiles or half tiles – not “retrofitted” pieces which diminish the look. Likewise, if you plan out the flow of a room’s lighting, your framing or truss can be positioned so that the lighting is uninterrupted. We can also determine the best place to install electrical outlets based on the room’s layout and furnishings so that the homeowner has easy access to outlets where they are needed most.

Our meticulous planning ensures that all of the finishes and details come together and the custom home design “makes the right statement.” Cabinet corners will be flush. Drains will be centered in the shower. Air conditioning ducts are strategically placed. Everything on a wall is balanced. By working backwards, planning the interior of the home to the smallest detail first, we eliminate all of the types of things that, when not done correctly, catch your eye and scream out at you.

This level of detail is what differentiates Merlin Custom Home Builders from other custom builders, and has kept families coming back to Merlin for their building and renovation needs for generations.

The featured photo is a small example from a custom house that we remodeled in Veer Towers.  Notice the placement (on the right) of the faucet. By planning the detail of the wall décor prior to installing the plumbing, the faucet is placed exactly to fit in with the scrolling design. Also, the wall mounted shower heads, although they are at a different height, are in the same place on those particular tiles. It is a small detail but a huge visual consequences if missed.