It’s taken a little more than a decade but The Wall Street Journal
has again told a story about a Merlin Custom Home Builders home built to show its joie de vivre! This time it’s a wonderfully whimsical City Center Veer Towers high-rise penthouse whose owner, Benson Riseman, is making the most of his magically creative home above the Las Vegas Strip.  The level of artistic detail, technical complexity and just plain old-fashioned patient craftsmanship is impossible to describe, but definitely fun to see and even more fun to experience.  Imagine a 3,300 sq. ft. home high above the famous Las Vegas Strip with a dream kitchen including a butler’s pantry; a large master bedroom with a luxurious tub & shower area open to city views and of course a layout meant for entertaining friends & family.  That is exactly what you will experience the instant you find yourself at the front door; you realize as you enter this unique custom high-rise home that you are in for a wonderful surprise! Benson’s fun, adventurous personality is showcased throughout this luxury home in the middle of Las Vegas’ vibrant city.  A hidden playful guest room with a “staircase to nowhere” which showcases night views of the Strip beautifully.  Our homeowner’s favorite room is the Guest Bathroom known as the “Bird Bath” due to the various bird features including the cabinetry, intricate tile layout and spectacular lighting.  Everyone involved in this project enjoyed working on his spectacular home and we are all honored to be a part of Benson’s vision.

In 2004 Merlin Custom Home Builders’s The Wall Street Journal story “Loft Living in the Burbs” described Merlin Custom Home Builders’s construction of a loft-style design.  This home integrates green building materials, award winning construction and world class design.  It was the show home for the 2004 International Builders Show® and toured by over 5,000 interested homeowners, architects, designers and builders from around the world.

We were honored to build both of these featured homes, each bringing its own challenges. We strive on home designs that many builders shy away from.  Designs that call for the highest levels of craftsmanship and attention to detail.  We love seeing the excitement and pleasure in our homeowners eyes as they see their visions come to light.  These homes are built to last generations and we build each home with that future in mind.  Proper planning,  quality products and skilled trade partners, architects, engineers and designers make building custom homes exciting and challenging.

Understanding the construction process will help owners manage their expectations and emotions.

Here’s a quick quiz…

It’s four or five months into a new custom home build. The home is weather tight, plumbing and wiring have been roughed in, the insulation is in place, and drywall has been screwed to the walls and ceilings. The drywallers are sanding the seams in preparation for that first, shiny coat of paint. How do most homeowners feel?

The question illustrates a crucial issue. There are two things going on at each stage of a project: the actual construction and the homeowners’ perception and evolving feelings about it. Fortunately, most people react in predictable ways at predictable times, so an experienced builder will understand how to help their clients through the inevitable ups and downs. If the homeowners know what to expect, the emotional ride becomes easier and more enjoyable.

As construction begins, homeowners are typically very excited—and why shouldn’t they be? Preconstruction ups and downs involving plans, specs, and product choices are behind them. Their dream custom home is about to take shape!

Emotions tend to remain high as workers and machines dig the hole, form and pour the foundation, build the rough frame, and install windows, doors, siding, and roofing. How long this takes depends on the home but with some exceptions, such as weather delays, things moves fast with obvious progress nearly every day. Excitement and anticipation build as the home they have been imagining for years is finally rising from the ground!

That visible progress slows dramatically during the next phase of construction.

Once the shell is complete, the electricians, plumbers, and heating technicians descend on the house to rough in their systems. This is when a homeowner’s emotions can be tested. This phase of the project is inherently time-consuming. Plus, it can be drawn out by complex scheduling requirements of different subcontractors. Progress seems to come to a halt and excitement can quickly morph into anxiety. Will the home be done on time? What’s taking so long?

At this point, it helps to remember the importance of good lighting, plumbing, and heating to a home’s livability. Investing the time to do them right will pay off big later on.

We understand how challenging this phase of the project is for homeowners. This is the time when, as professional custom home builders, we step up communication about the progress that is being made behind the scenes. We find that educated homeowners can better manage their emotions through the whole process, but especially as we get ready to move into the home stretch.

The last phase includes installation of trim, flooring, cabinets, and fixtures. Here, excitement begins to rise again as the finish line pulls into sight. By the time the keys are handed over, emotions will be at a point nearly equal to where they were at groundbreaking.

How best to navigate this emotional journey? How does one enjoy the highs and take the dips in stride? Awareness about the process goes a long way. Study the schedule and know what is going to happen and when. Think of the project as a story, and the schedule as the plot outline. A good custom home builder will work with the homeowners to fill that outline with details that will help make the project a great experience and ensure a happy ending.

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