Sara Eisert, Merlin’s Comptroller, recently received an Excellence Award from Western Governors University for a presentation she developed for an Introduction to Communication Applications class at the accredited online university. Sara, who is currently pursuing a degree in accounting from the university, received a certificate in recognition of her achievement.

Sara Eisert received notice of the award from Deborah L. Fowler, J.D., Senior Vice President of Student Success at Western Governors University. In the letter, Ms. Fowler noted that the university’s evaluation committee was recognizing Sara for her presentation on the subject of working remotely. A member of the evaluation committee outlined the highlights of Sara’s award-winning presentation as follows:

“This polished oral presentation on the topic of working remotely opens effectively with a suggestion that the office as it is known now will be drastically different in 10 years. Two main points about attracting and retaining the best employees as well as lowering operating costs/increasing revenues are capably previewed and discussed, and several credible sources are excellently incorporated through clear verbal citations. A helpful graph showing data about remote work is smoothly incorporated, and after the main points are accurately summarized, closing comments emphasizing that remote work is something happening now, not in the future, nicely end the speech. ”

Western Governors University, a non-profit, online university which offers both bachelor’s and master’s degrees, was created by a group of U.S. Governors as an outcomes-based alternative to higher education. The university breaks the mold of traditional higher education by promoting competency-based learning, a model which allows students to move through courses on their own time schedule and advance as soon as they can prove they’ve mastered the material, rather than advancing only when a pre-determined semester ends. By providing 24/7 online access, students can learn at the time most convenient to them, giving professionals, parents and other busy enrollees the flexibility needed to fit education into their busy lives.

Please join the Merlin Custom Home Builders team in congratulating Sara Eisert on this well-deserved award. Well done!