The Merlin Custom Home Builders Team went bowling!!

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Who would have thought Steve was a great bowler..?  He beat Robert who bowls on a league without handicap.  Steve will never let Robert forget this day!!

Building Success 101

Q: What is a cool roof?

A: A cool roof is defined as a roof that either reflects the sun’s heat away from the roof or is designed to ventilate a narrow airspace under the roof finish to keep it cool. Either way, the result lowers the temperature of the home’s attic space, which helps reduce the amount of energy needed to cool the house.

“Is it better value to buy and remodel an existing home or design and build a new custom home?”  That is the question being asked of Merlin Custom Home Builders these days.  In today’s real estate market, full of short sales, foreclosures and discounted lots, that is a very pertinent question.  Buying a home is everyone’s biggest financial commitment where we all want the greatest bang for our buck.  But the answer actually starts with more questions.  Each family must consider the following:

  1. If cost is the only factor, then the best bet in today’s market is buying an existing home and remodeling.
  2. If a specific neighborhood, view, lot location, custom design and craftsmanship are primary factors; your best option is finding the right lot and building a custom home.
  3. Selecting your team of experts is the critical step for either option.  A great team includes your realtor, architect, builder and designer.  With such a team in place the dream of a new home or a remodeled home can be designed and built to match the reality of the budget.

Merlin Custom Home Builders has been remodeling existing homes and condominiums throughout the Las Vegas valley for 23 years.  We understand the challenges of remodels “unknowns” hidden behind walls, building code issues and matching finishes that blend with those existing.  We work with amazing architects, engineers and designers from Las Vegas, California and surrounding areas.  The craftsmanship of our in-house carpenters and our estimator’s expertise along with our relationships with the finest local trades in the industry provide us with all the tools to remodel and existing home within our client’s budget.  During remodels we have added elevators, remade kitchens and renovated entire homes.  We understand focus, budgets and quality.

The freedom do design a living space uniquely suited to an individual lifestyle is a great advantage of a new custom home.  Bringing the design/build team together early in the process unites form, function and cost at the onset.  Many obstacles can be eliminated or resolved early on in a cost-effective manner, giving homeowners the power to push their dreams while maintaining budgets.

We are thankful to all of our past and current clients who allowed the Merlin Custom Home Builders Team into their lives and entrusted their new homes and home renovations to us.  We look forward to new opportunities to renew, refresh and renovate your current home or create a new custom home designed exclusively for you and your family.

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