Spring Builder 20 Meeting in Scottsdale, AZ

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Once again Steve and Bart were thrilled to be at their NAHB
Builder 20 Club meeting, where seventeen of their custom estate builder peers shared best practices and learned the latest in green building science from one of the country’s leading authorities.  Our Builder 20 Club called the Doors is made up of an incredibly talented group of general contractors from across the country including two National Home Builders of the Year along with numerous state and locally recognized Builders of the Year.  The meeting was held in Scottsdale, Arizona and hosted by Scottsdale’s premier home builder, Cullum Homes.  Rod and Kim Cullum treated us to the best of Scottsdale and brought to the meeting a nationally recognized building science author and lecturer,
Mark Laliberte.  After Mark’s presentation we drove up Camelback Mountain and toured The Village at Paradise Reserve a new development by Cullum Homes.  There we saw the latest in green building technology including thermal imaging class that showed how effective good insulation can be; HVAC blower tests and a demonstration by the Tyvek company on how ot properly install window and door flashing and highlighting how proper installations help to mitigate air and water filtration to the inside of our homes.  Mark Laliberte demonstrated how these well designed homes integrating the best green building sciences create living spaces with benefits that last the lifetime of the home.  Thank you Rod and Kim.  You’ve given us examples and an
education that we’ve brought home to Las Vegas where we will continue incorporating the latest in building science and green technology with our branded exquisite finishes.


Q: What are the most effective energy-saving products?

A: The vast majority of home energy is used for space heating, water heating, and major appliances. While it may be a good strategy to upgrade to the highest-efficiency models you can afford, their ultimate performance relies in a well-built home that is properly insulated and air-sealed.

Famous football coach Bill Walsh was known for demanding perfection from his players during practices, even though he knew they would never attain it. His philosophy was if you don’t strive for perfection, you don’t have a chance to achieve it.
As custom homebuilders, we follow a similar philosophy; we plan for perfection attaining excellence and because we believe perfection is possible, we build perfectly where ever we can. Like Coach Walsh, we set and expect the highest standards possible because otherwise we don’t stand a chance of delivering an excellent new custom home that satisfies a client’s wants and needs.
In the pursuit of excellence, we coach our homeowners about the building process so that their expectations are high but realistic. We want our homeowners to push and challenge us to always do better, but it is also our job to define excellence and perfection while establishing the cost between the two.
Our best and most effective method for doing that is listening. Really listening. Not just to find how the floor plan is laid out, but why and how that floor plan satisfies our clients lifestyle needs.  Not just to find out what custom materials are being used but why those materials have value and bring more of that kind of value into their home.  We work to understand where their eyes land, where their emotions become engaged and find ways to make those areas fit perfectly into their lives.
In this discovery phase, we craft a strategy for our homeowner’s new custom home that truly addresses and justifies our client’s reasons for making such a significant investment and sets us on course to deliver it according to those expectations.
This level of attention continues and is maintained through regular and open lines of communication during the construction process. As during the planning stage, our first job is to listen to, then educate and inform our homeowners about the subtleties of new-home construction or custom remodeling that are specific to their lifestyle, needs and concerns.
Responding to a homeowner’s question with “that’s just the way it is” or “it’s complicated” is unacceptable. Instead, we strive to deliver details, demonstrate our methods, and ensure that questions are answered to a homeowner’s satisfaction. That approach and level of respect for our homeowner’s helps build a better understanding of our work process all the way through the final walk-through and certificate of occupancy.
Finally, a key component of delivering excellence and perfection comes after the last walk-through and the day, our homeowner’s move into their new custom home.  At that point we make sure to communicate our policies and procedures for warranty service, and then we live up to that promise.
Custom homeowners come to Merlin Custom Home Builders for their “perfect” home. We understand that goal and strive for perfection and excellence that satisfies the lifestyle needs of our homeowners and protects their investment now and for future generations.  Call Steve or Bart at 702-257-8102 for more information about our pursuit of perfection in custom homebuilding.

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