Erica Morrison, co-owner and Chief Operating Officer of Merlin Custom Home Builders, recently attended a Leadership Training Summit sponsored by a member of The Doors Builder 20 Group,  NSM Construction. The summit, held in Lake Tahoe, featured a guest speaker from Partners in Leadership, a global leadership and accountability training consulting firm based in Temecula, California.

The training focused on creating and maintaining a cohesive culture in the workplace, specifically the company-wide alignment of processes and procedures to develop and maintain a cohesive culture. “Our Builder 20 Club group’s Leadership Summit was a great opportunity to come together with other builders similar to Merlin to learn how to better communicate and have valuable conversations with our team members,” explained Erica. “I learned a lot about working as a team and the importance of encouraging others to step out of their comfort zones in order to grow as an employee and a person.”

Merlin Custom Home Builders is a member of The Doors Builder 20 Club, the sixth of 20 groups that comprise the NAHB’s 20 Club Program. The invitation-only program groups together similar types of home builders from non-competing markets to share concerns, challenges, ideas and information in order to learn ways to improve their businesses. The Doors is comprised of some of the finest and most innovative home builders in the country. Members of The Doors have received 5 of the 12 National Custom Home Builder of The Year Awards.  Merlin Custom Home Builders received the 5th in 2017.